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Mindfulness & Wellbeing

for Young People

As I listened to my heart and what my life force energy is calling for, it became apparent to me that this year I will be focusing on the “Rising Generation” (aka-teenagers, youth, young people, young adults). It’s time to take my passion and extensive experience in Self Love & Teaching and pair them to be able to guide our Rising Generation. In order to go out and be successful in our world, our young people need a proper foundation. It’s NOT the foundation that they are currently receiving from the education system, social media and our mainstream culture. They need more than what they are receiving because they are not being given the adequate tools. It is about more than simply achieving. . . holy moly do they have enough pressure around that!

It is about creating SACRED SPACE for our young people:

-A space to take time away from all the noise and pressure of their lives to unwind and just be. Use mindfulness and meditation to be present and relax.

-A space to connect with others, be heard and be accepted for exactly who they are.

-A space to learn to listen to and trust the inner wisdom that lives inside of all of us, so that they can lead the life that they want and make the decisions that are correct for them.

Read Below to learn about my offerings for young people. 

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Speaking Engagements

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Literature Circles


Online Individual/Group



6 week Camp

-Reform Your Inner Critic

-Choosing Me Before We

-10 Branches of Self Love

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